dinner – minneapolis

appetizers + salads

pork rinds, hot cheetos style, cheese sauce 5

pimento cheese and meat plate 13

pickled shrimp and pigs feet and toast 8

johnnycakes, ham + cheddar, cowpeas, sunny-side up egg 8

dry rubbed wings 12

fried chicken livers, sunflower slaw, texas toast 7

fried green tomatoes, pickle sauce 7

farm greens, buttermilk dressing, cornbread croutons 8

roasted squash and chicken salad, molasses vinaigrette, watercress, blue cheese  12

crispy pigs ear, watercress, endives, honey + carrot dressing 8


southern fried, tennessee hot, poultrygeist or gluten friendly

2pc 8

2pc all white 10

1⁄2 bird 16

whole bird 28

(contains pork product)

We are NOT celiac free restaurant, but we are by definition, gluten friendly-which means we have trace elements of flour in the air and in our friers.

Please know that we DO have options for people with celiac, but depending on the severity of your celiac, you might not be able to have our gluten friendly chicken.


shrimp and grits, mushrooms, scallions, bacon 21

braised oxtail, sweet potato mash, young onion, carrots, celery, braising jus 22

lexington pork shoulder, white cheddar grits, b+b pickles, collards 15

“fried” country captain chicken, coconut rice, curry gravy, almonds, golden raisins 15

sandwiches + sides

revival burger, double patty, american, mayo, b+b’s 13

fried chicken thigh, lettuce, tomato,mayo, b&b’s with choice of style: southern, teen hot, poultrygeist 12

pimento grilled cheese, bacon 9


hush puppies 4.5

mac + cheese 6

butter beans 4.5

black eyed peas 4.5

white cheddar grits 5.5

carolina gold rice + butter 4.5

collard greens 4.5

biscuits + sorghum butter 5

slaw (red or white) 3.5

hoppin’ john 5

house pickles 3.5